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Police Capture Escaped Inmate

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CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) - A prisoner is able to escape just before he's turned over to county jailers. Joe Hernandez has a history of getting in trouble and on Saturday night he was arrested over on Padre Island after a traffic stop.

Police found out there were warrants out for the man.  One was a drug charge the other for driving with a suspended license. Soon, all of these officers ended up trying to find Hernandez again as he escaped just as he and other prisoners were being transferred from a city paddy wagon at the county jail.

Hernandez got out of his cuffs, pushed his way by the city transport driver and rolled under the jail's sally port door before it closed. Patrol officers were called and searched for the man for several hours.

Then a police dog named "Indy" was called in and the pooch was able to sniff out Hernandez. It's interesting to note that he was found hiding under Michelle Jones' Law Office at Commanche and Artesian. He'll need a good attorney after this escapade.

Lt. Donald Moore, Corpus Christi Police Department, says "Once the K-9 was there and began to make some noise he didn't want any part of the canine so he decided to crawl out from underneath the house and with his history of evading and resisting history, I don't have much doubt that he would have tried to fight the officers had the K-9 not been there."

We asked the police lieutenant if there would be any changes to the police departments handling of prisoners after this escape. He told us that he's sure that the incident will be reviewed and action taken.