Island Burglary Ring Busted by Local Authorities - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Island Burglary Ring Busted by Local Authorities

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Police believe they cracked a burglary ring Monday evening that has been plaguing Padre Island since last week.

An alert police officer found a Jeep on Bonasse Court. It is the vehicle police believe was used in a string of Island burglaries that began last week.

Earlier in the day, a 16-year old teenager was arrested. Officers said he and his girlfriend are thought to be behind all the thefts. They were caught as they came out from behind a home.

Officer Michael Rogers of the Corpus Christi Police Department said he got into a fight with the young man, and the girl took off in the Jeep.

"He threw an elbow at me," Rogers said. "Tried to hit me with his elbow and then tried to get away, and I grabbed a hold of him and we went down on the ground fighting."

"We're glad they're around and they're patrolling the area and helping us out out here, because we don't need all that going on out here," said Jim Herb, an Island resident.

Rogers ended up with a number of scrapes and cuts. He said that, at one point, he Tased the teen, but the teen still took off running. It wasn't until police dogs were called in that he was found hiding in a vacant apartment.

Police are still searching for the girlfriend.