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Calallen Students Learn The Dangers of Drinking

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CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) - Teaching the dangers of drinking and driving is no easy task. But the students at Calallen high saw what happens when you are involved in a deadly crash.

The name of the program is "Shattered Dreams." This mock-collision took place in front of school. Student actors played victims. Real paramedics also took part. A grim reeper even attended the demonstration to make the point that if you drink and drive you risk your life or wreck some one elses dream.

Karen Beard with Driscoll Children's Hospital says, "It's just sad when you this stuff happen. I feel sorry for the parents or the police officer that has to tell their parents your son was killed or your daughter was killed."

"Don't get in the car. You see everyday that kids get in the car with friends that have been drinking thinking they are going to save them and stop something bad from happening and they are the ones that end up dying.  so we want the kids that don't party to understand that even an innocent people are killed every day in drinking and driving accidents."

Karen says they have been conducting similar mock accidents at area schools since 1999.