Southeast Texas families concerned for loved ones in Sandy's pat - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Southeast Texas families concerned for loved ones in Sandy's path

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As Sandy crashes ashore in the Northeast, many in her path have evacuated, but many have hunkered down to ride her out.  Some families in Southeast Texas are glued to the TV and to social media sites to keep track of friends and family.

Allison Weigelt lives in Lumberton and said, "Friends that I have in the New Jersey area that did get evacuated. I'm seeing updates and they've posted some pictures of how it's looking right now."

Weigelt's family members in the storm's path, include her grandfather, aunts and uncles and cousins who live in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She said, "My main concerns are if the power goes out, not being able to get into contact with them. My grandfather is the only one living in his house right now. If it goes out I just don't know if it starts flooding if his brother can get to him in time."

Larae Lavergne and her husband live in Groves and have two daughters, Amanda and Alissa who live in New York City and perform on Broadway. But growing up in Southeast Texas has prepared them for situations like this, Lavergne said, "They're doing good. They went yesterday and got everything stocked up they knew they had to have, their batteries and flashlights. Having grown up here they knew exactly what they needed. They have their water. We taught them well. They have their bathtub filled so that if they loose water, they can flush the commode."

And they've discussed the importance of keeping in touch said Lavergne, "I've told them to be sure and keep their phones totally charged, so that when they do lose power. So their phones would be available from that point on. "

Good advice and good practices from people who know what those in the North East are going through.