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Local Mayoral Campaigns Prove Costly

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The race between the top two candidates hoping to become the next mayor of Corpus Christi has turned out to be a big bucks affair.

Final campaign reports were due Tuesday, and they showed that council members  Chris Adler and Nelda Martinez had each spent around $138,000.

Adler was the top fundraiser. She brought in about $210,000. Martinez collected a little over $151,000.

"I started early raising money because I knew it was expensive, and it is expensive having the election at the same time as the general election," Adler said. "Meant we had to have more signs. My golly, they're all across the city. There's so many signs you can't see the sky."

"As you well know, TV is expensive, and that is the way we get our word out," Martinez said. "And there are other mediums that we use as well. Print media, and there are also people you hire, and I have to tell you, take everyone's contribution, every dollar, seriously and you put it to good use to make sure you get your message out."

Unfortunately for the candidates, the expenses don't stop with the general election. If no one gets more than 50-percent of the votes, there will have to be a runoff between the top two candidates, and that will cost each campaign even more money. That runoff would be on Dec. 11.