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Corpus Christi Area Added 11,600 New Jobs Since 2009

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According to the Regional Economic Development Corporation, since September of 2009, the Corpus Christi area has added 11,600 new jobs.

Of course, the Eagle Ford Shale discovery has helped to fuel the growth in our area.

Forbes Magazine has listed Corpus Christi at number six in the country among those mid-sized cities which are seeing thriving economies. Projections over the next 30 years also show salaries will rise and another 110,000 people will be added to the workforce.

There's more good news possibly on the way sooner, as the EDC is working on a big deal that could be delivered by the first of the year.

"We have a number of other large capital projects that we're tracking. Some that are fairly soon to announce," said Roland Mower, CEO of the Economic Development Corporation. "We hope that will continue to diversify our fairly diversified economy."

Mower said local housing starts are also improving, and local bank deposits are up eight-percent this year.