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Employees Share Ghost Stories from Skidmore Dairy Queen

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SKIDMORE (Kiii News) -

This Halloween, Kiii News may have found a real-life haunted house of sorts. In this case, a haunted place of business.

It's actually a Dairy Queen on Highway 181 in Skidmore. Employees there said it has been home to some very strange happenings in recent years.

Employees that have been working at the Dairy Queen for close to a decade said lots of strange and spooky things have been going on there, and they said it's usually most noticeable around this time of year.

"You can hear voices in your ears, you know, saying our name, and it's a child's voice," said Sherry, a Dairy Queen employee. "To me, she just said my name. You can hear her calling, I guess playing with us maybe."

The employees believe it is the ghost of a little girl that they have named Georgetta, who is trying to get their attention.

They said they hear doors opening and closing in the bathrooms when no one is in there, and that they see black shadows. They also say the tea buckets fall over out of nowhere. Another strange thing is that the knives get mysteriously moved from the back to the front.

The employees said the girl has been heard and seen.

"I was in the office by myself and, from the front behind the counter, I heard a little girl who, a little young kid's voice, say no one's there," Assistant Manager Elena said. "Also, one other incident, it wasn't with me, it was with one of the other employees. She was finishing up and her ride was waiting for her outside, and when she was walking out the door he asked her well, 'why are you leaving the little girl inside by herself?' And she said, 'what little girl?' And she turned around, she looked over towards the other door by the trash can, and no one was there. He looked and he's like, 'the little girl, right there,' and there was no one there."

The employees said the Dairy Queen is located where a parking lot used to be, next to a shed which they say was a dance hall years ago. They said there was a murder that occurred there, and they think these strange happenings may be related to that.

The employees said maybe the little girl just wants their attention, and maybe she wants them to know why she's there.