Nick Lampson concedes to Randy Weber - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Nick Lampson concedes to Randy Weber

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Republican candidate Randy Weber was declared the winner in Congressional District 14.

Just after 10:30 Tuesday night, Democratic candidate, Nick Lampson took the podium at his watch party at the Holiday Inn and Suites in Beaumont and announced that he had just called and conceded the race to Randy Weber.

This after polls in Galveston County got off to a late start and didn't close until 8:54pm because of ballot printing problems.

Lampson carried Jefferson County, but Randy Weber carried Brazoria and Galveston Counties. In a statement, Weber said, "Tonight, the voters said they wanted to go in a direction that will put our country on the right track and restore conservative principles to Washington. That is what I will do, we will do it together."

Even though he has lost this race Lampson says he is not finished working for Jefferson County, "I have been talking to churches and people in school districts in our region about what we might be able to do for at risk children. I will continue to work for the Association for Ambulatory Behavioral Health Care, a mental health organization that I've worked for and I will continue to fight for jobs at NASA. Because I believe in our technological growth. These are things I can do from the outside and will certainly continue to do so."

Weber in a statement thanked his supporters saying, "Again, thank you for being here tonight, six months ago during the primary, a year ago when I announced and for being part of this great journey. Tomorrow, I go to work for you."