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22 states petition for seccession after election

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(CNN) - After last week's election, some people apparently want out.

People in nearly two dozen states, including Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas, filed a petition to withdraw from the U.S. and form a new government.

On the online government site called "We the People," the creator cites the Declaration of Independence that "whenever the government derives from the powers of the people, it's the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute a new government."

Seventeen of the states voted for Mitt Romney for President. Political science professor Art English says it's hard to tell if it's strictly President Obama's policies or his race that led to this bold petition.

"I think people are very unhappy with the election and I feel that their tax money will be going perhaps to a federal government that will be insensitive to their needs."

Breaking away from the government is nothing new for Arkansas. Remember -- it was one of 11 states that broke away to form the Confederacy at the beginning of the Civil War.