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Bank Robbery Suspect Attempts to "Check Out" of Jail

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Three times he has tried to check out, and three times he has failed. A 52-year old man charged with bank robbery said he did it because he had no reason to live.

Now, Vernon Tolmie has attempted to break out of the Nueces County lockup and on Friday, he attempted to hurt himself.

The call came in early Friday morning. An inmate needed to be transported to a hospital for an emergency. That man was Vernon Tolmie, a suspected bank robber who was very vocal about his intentions the day he was arrested.

"I saw no other way out. I had an opportunity to make some money last week, and I didn't," Tolmie said in an interview, moments after his Nov. 19 arrest. "We're facing eviction because of my stupid mistakes. All I can tell is all those who knew me, I'm sorry for being a piece of crap."

Tolmie allegedly attempted to rob the Texas Champion Bank at Ayers and Gollihar back on Nov. 19. He has been held at the Nueces County Jail since then, and since then he has managed to keep true to his word, wanting to check out; first by attempting to break out by removing tiles from the walls of his cell.

"It would have been rather fruitless for him to try, construction wise," said Chief Mike McKinzie, Nueces County Jail Administrator.

A fruitless attempt because of the more than one-foot thick concrete and steel walls around the jail. Once jailers discovered the damaged tiles earlier this week, Tolmie was moved to another cell.

Then on Friday, he tried something else.

"Earlier this morning, he tried to cut himself with a razor that we'd issued to him to shave, but fortunately, there were officers present and they stopped it before there was any real harm," McKinzie said.

McKinzie said that Tolmie was transported to Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital to be stitched up for his minor injuries, and how now he has been placed on suicide watch; a wise move for a man who apparently is determined to check out, one way or another.

"My credit is so shot. I have burned too many bridges with my credit. I had everything going for myself. I had everything going for myself and I became a loser real quick, and it can happen to anybody," Tolmie said back in Nov. 19.

While Tolmie sits on suicide watch in the Nueces County Jail, the District Attorney's Office continues to work up a case that will eventually be presented to the grand jury. In the meantime, the Sheriff's Department is conducting its own investigation into Tolmie's foiled attempts.