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School District Investigates Bullying Case Caught on Camera

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A student at Cunningham Middle School is facing some serious accusations, after a video surfaced showing the girl hunting down and beating another student.

The attack happened earlier in the week at Cunningham Middle School, and on Friday, the victim's family spoke out.

School administrators said the young girl accused of the attack has been suspended from school and could be facing charges of assault and terroristic threats, after telling the victim she's going to kill her. It was all caught on camera.

It was a heated exchange, as one young girl accused the other of talking about her. In the video, the 13-year old girl said she did not want to fight, and even tried to run away, but was hunted down by the other girl. All the while, other students were egging on the confrontation as the young girl was then hit over and over again.

The blows continued, even when she fell to the ground.

The victim was too afraid to tell her parents about the attack, and instead, they found out by watching the video on Facebook. They had a meeting with the principal at Cunningham Middle School on Friday.

"It's all in the video. The girl walked up to her, threatened her from the beginning, before they fought, chased her," said Mike Gonzales, the victim's father. "What is that? Stalking charge?"

"I feel for the families. I have a 14-year old, and I would never want anything like this on Facebook," said Kirby Warnke, chief of the Corpus Christi Independent School District Police Department. "It's a serious issue. Make sure we do everything we can to make sure justice is served."

The family of the 13-year old victim said she has missed the last two days of class because she's afraid to go to school. They are withdrawing her from Cunningham and getting her a safety transfer to another campus.

In the meantime, the CCISD police chief says the case will be presented to the district attorney.