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High Speed Chase in Duval County Ends in Immigrant Bust

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DUVAL COUNTY (Kiii News) -

In a dangerous high speed chase Friday in Duval and Jim Wells counties, authorities pursued three vehicles which, officials say, were carrying undocumented immigrants.

A lot of times in these kinds of pursuits, the undocumented immigrants bail from the vehicles, flee into the brush, and are never found; but in this case, authorities did find the undocumented immigrants.

Five undocumented immigrants were found in the brush in Duval County. They were turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol. Authorities also found three U.S. Citizens, who were also detained. They said one of them is a confirmed gang member.

According to authorities, it all started on FM 1329 in Duval County, when a deputy noticed three vehicles were speeding. The deputy said the vehicles were driving recklessly through a construction zone and would not stop.

"They passed all the vehicles, almost hit a guy that was holding a stop sign for the vehicles not to move, and almost ran into two tractors on 1329, coming to the intersection of 2295," said Deputy William Barton of the Duval County Sheriff's Office. "I finally lit this vehicle up at the intersection of 2295 and 1329, and it just kept going, and we ended up here in Jim Wells County. I believe this is County Road 440."

In fact, Barton said one of the vehicles ended up about two miles into a private ranch in Jim Wells County. Authorities say some of the possible charges for the people driving the vehicles include trafficking of persons, reckless driving and interference with public duties.

Barton said the vehicles were driving over 100 miles per hour; a dangerous situation in a construction zone, which could have caused some serious damage.