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Relatives Speak Out About Alleged Child Abuse in Falfurrias

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FALFURRIAS (Kiii News) -

Relatives are speaking out over allegations of child abuse in Falfurrias after a three-month old baby and his two-year old brother were taken to the hospital with visible, severe injuries.

Police said the three-month old had eight or nine skull fractures. Family members believe the mother of the children is responsible, and they want her to be held accountable.

"Look at that, right there. That's a three-month old baby, with that big ball right there, and the big bump right there," said Rosa Maria Ruiz, grandmother of the three-month old. "Three months. I don't know what this world's coming to."

"How are you going to hit a three-month old? What's he going to do? He can't talk. He can't walk," said Giovanni Chavez, the baby's aunt. "What's he going to do to defend himself? He can't cover up. He just sits there and takes the beatings."

Photos were provided by the family. They say the photos were taken the day after Christmas.

Police said the mother of the children called for an ambulance Sunday morning because the three-month old baby, Christopher Lee Ruiz, Jr., had swelling on his forehead. The child was then taken to Christus Spohn Hospital Kleberg in Kingsville. From there, the baby was taken by HALO Flight to Driscoll Children's Hospital.

In addition to skull fractures, police said baby Christopher had a broken arm. Police also said staff at Driscoll noticed injuries on the baby's two-year old brother, Humberto Villarreal IV, also known as Baby Cuatro. Police said Cuatro was taken by Child Protective Services on Sunday night and placed in foster care.

"As a mother, she doesn't deserve to see her kids grow up. You don't do this to your babies. They're your babies. God blessed you with babies," Chavez said.

"You can't consider yourself a mother and do this. You can't. You can't consider yourself a mother," Ruiz said. "There's spankings, there's time outs. There's not beatings. Not beatings."

No one answered the door at the home of the children's mother on Monday. Falfurrias police said they are investigating, and looking to question both the 20-year old mother of the children and her 25-year old boyfriend.

As of right now, the mother and her boyfriend have not been arrested, nor have they been charged.