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Nueces County Officials Take the Oath of Office

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It is a new year, and that means elected officials are being sworn in and taking their oaths of office. Some big ones took place on Wednesday at the Nueces County Courthouse.

County Judge Loyd Neal did the honors of swearing in the county office holders.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I take the oath of office very seriously, and I know all of our elected and appointed officials who take this oath take it very seriously," Neal said. "So I'm going to ask you to please stand and affirm the swearing in of Mike Pusley."

Mike Pusley was sworn in for his second term as Precinct 1 County Commissioner. Kevin Kieschnick was sworn in for his first elected term as the county's tax assessor-collector, and Nueces County Sheriff Jim Kaelin was also sworn in for his third term.

They each explained some of their top plans and priorities for the future.

"The vision is to continue to operate our jail, which is the largest function that a sheriff has," Kaelin said. "It is the safe operation of the jail, and to operate it in a manner which continues to make it a safe, sanitary and secure facility for the citizens of Nueces County."

"I'm working on a youth sports complex in northwest Nueces County," Pusley said. "It's going to be one of the largest youth sports complexes in the county. It's almost a hundred acres."

"Working on the efficiencies and shortening, getting our line wait time as short as possible," Kieschnick said. "That's going to be our number one focus over the next term."

All three elected officials said they are excited to get to work.