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Orange County property owner wants trespassing to end

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An Orange County property owner says enough is enough after years of trespassing on his property.

Rodney Mitchell owns over 1,800 acres of land off Linscomb Rd and Hwy 12. Sunday, 16 people became stranded in five vehicles about five miles back into his property.

Mitchell says he now plans to file charges against the first four people who trespassed. He says he went to the location and offered to drive the people off the property but they refused.

"They were in the wrong and they weren't lost," Mitchell says, "Every vehicle that came in there after the first one got stuck was given directions."

Mitchell uses the land for deer leasing and says people who trespass tear up the land, costing him money.

"These kids are driving past deer stands. It costs us money. It irritates us," he says.

Mitchell and his wife put up trespassing signs and he says people tear them down and they have to put them right back up. He also says they put locks on the gates and that Sunday night, they were broken.

He says he and his wife stay up late at night hoping to catch those that trespass and that from now on Texas Parks and Wildlife will be assisting to catch those responsible.

"The Game Wardens, I've talked to them and they're going to work with us. We're just going to spend hour after hour sitting out there until we catch them. When we catch them, we'll file charges," says Mitchell.