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City Approves New SPID Ramp Reversal Project

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Major construction could be underway soon on the busiest parts of SPID, as City Council approved a plan on Tuesday for another ramp reversal project.

The project will cost at least $90 million, but backers say it will ease traffic congestion between Nile and Ayers.

Kiii News Reporter Michael Gibson went Live from that area with details.

The ramp reversal project's first target will be along SPID between Staples and Kostoryz, which is always a problem area as traffic backs up onto the freeway from many of the major city streets, like Everhart.

A few years ago, the state reversed off and on ramps on the northside of SPID, and most agree that traffic flow has improved.

"It's going to make a big difference, because what we're going to do is we're going to move the entrance and exit conflicts that currently happen on the main lanes," City Engineer Dan Biles said. "We're going to move that to the frontage roads."

The basic plan is to get that traffic onto the feeder, and you won't have traffic backing up any longer on the freeway. As of now, cars coming off the ramp at high speeds come to a light that is only a few hundred feet away. It's been the source of conflicts among drivers, and sometimes, it produces accidents.

Utility work will start in 2015, and the actual construction begins 2017.

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