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UPDATE: Reward fund in Kaufman Co. shooting now stands at $71,150

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(credit: KTVT/KTXA) Mark Hasse (credit: KTVT/KTXA) Mark Hasse

Law enforcement across the state are still on the hunt tonight for the person who shot and killed a Kaufman County assistant district attorney.

57-year-old Mark Hasse was gunned down on his walk to work Thursday morning. CBS 19's Amanda Roberson joins us live from the Kaufman County Courthouse with the latest.

This building is buzzing with people again tonight - trying to figure out who shot Mark Hasse. It's been 33 hours since the chief prosecutor was killed- and the shooter is still on the loose. Kaufman police are leading the investigation and say the passing time and varying witness reports are making the investigation even more challenging."

"The information we gave you yesterday remains," Chris Aulbaugh said.

Kaufman Police Chief Chris Aulbaugh says even though investigators are getting a lot of information from witnesses in Thursday morning's shooting - not all of the reports are the same, including whether or not the shooter was alone.

"We have multiple witnesses that observed different aspects of the event from different angles and different perspectives, personal perspectives," Aulbaugh said.

But all of the witnesses say the man was dressed in all black - and had his face covered.

"The important part is they were covered and unable to get facials on that."

The Kaufman County District Attorney's Office stayed closed Friday - even though the courthouse was open again. District attorney Mike Mclelland says investigators are combing through paperwork in Hasse's office - looking for any clue or connection to who pulled the trigger.

"The longer time goes by the more time they say 'cool down' but that doesn't mean that it cant be solved at a later time, it's just it is an urgency to stay on information," Aulbaugh said.

And even though the parking lot has reopened here where Hasse was shot, changes are already in place. Law enforcement monitoring this parking lot, helping people get to and from their cars and they say heightened security will stay around until everyone feels at peace again.

Our main focus right now is to delay any fear that this is some grand conspiracy or something. // There's no vendetta against the county," Sheriff David Byrnes said.

Byrnes says he wants people who work in and around the courthouse to know they're safe.

"Surprised, very shocked someone would do that, especially here at the courthouse," Charles Rosenbaum said.

Rosenbaum works on the east side of the Kaufman square - between the courthouse and the parking lot Hasse was shot. He wasn't at work yet when the shooting happened, but says he has never worried about his safety.

"There's always high presence of law enforcement whether it's city, county, state, so we've always felt safe from day one. We still feel safe," Rosenbaum said.

And law enforcement hopes that never changes.

"We will not stop pursing this until we have found who did this."

One thing that has continued to develop since Thursday morning's shooting - the crime stoppers reward for information leading to an arrest. The original award was $10,000 - tonight the reward money has jumped to $71,150. Police hope the reward will encourage anyone with information to help them solve this murder.

Chief Aulbaugh said from patrol car dash cams to convenience store video - police are gathering all the video they can from Thursday and the days leading up to the shooting - to see if the shooter may have been in the area prior to the attack.

Police say the shooter left in a gray or silver sedan - without license plates.