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City of Bishop Currently Has No Animal Control Officer

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BISHOP (Kiii News) -

Some residents of Bishop, just north of Kingsville, said there is a problem with Animal Control enforcement in that city.

An anonymous tip from a resident was received Thursday, complaining about there not being an Animal Control officer in Bishop. They said that was causing problems.

That resident claimed he is afraid for his children, and that many homeowners have unleashed dogs running wild in the community. The tipster also reported one resident who has a whole yard full of roosters.

Sure enough, at that address there were many roosters, some in pens and others not. Some were even on a leash.

According to a City ordinance, a household is only allowed to have four small animals, such as fowl. The ordinance defines fowl as any living bird.

Donnie, a friend of the man living in the home with all the roosters, who was on that property at the time, said that some of the roosters, but not all of them, were used for fighting. That was before the homeowner began yelling at him, and Kiii News reporters attempted to talk to him.

"Channel 3 News, I got nothing to say. Get off my property right now," the homeowner said. "Get off my property right now. I'm going to let my dog out."

At City Hall, City Secretary Cynthia Contreras shows the city ordinance that limits the amount of fowl per household to four. The City said they haven't had an Animal Control officer since he resigned in June or July of last year. He went to work for the County Animal Control.

Meanwhile, Police Chief Larry Lawrence said that, if he were to do something about the roosters, he doesn't have anywhere to put the animals since the City's animal shelter is non-functional. It is being repaired and needs to be inspected.

The City said they are going to begin advertising this weekend for a contracted animal control worker.