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Local Judges Support Troops with Girl Scout Cookies

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What started as kind gesture to support local Girl Scout cookie sales on Thursday turned into a massive show of support for the military.

One local judge came up with the idea, and now many area soldiers will be receiving some of those cookies.

In the tiny jury room in the 387th district court, and in the shadow of towering cookie boxes, three Nueces County Judges spent their lunchtime signing letters and attaching them to each box of cookies.

"This is just a small gesture," Judge Brent Chesney said. "I mean, this is nothing compared to what they do. We just wanted to let them know that we're thinking about them, and that's it."

"We wanted to send them a personal letter with these cookies to tell them we thank them," Judge Sandra Watts said. "We appreciate them and they are not forgotten."

Judge Missy Medary said it is a good deed that started out with a neighborly chat and a box of cookies.

"I started talking to a neighbor friend of mine who has a son who was overseas, and we were talking about the little things from home that all the soldiers miss, and Girl Scout cookies was number one on the list," Medary said.

Folks with the Coastal Bend Troop Support Organization, based out of Rockport, watched along. They are made up of family members of our area's military men and women, who each month send supplies to our troops.

"Mail call is a big thing for them," said Carla Reed, a member of Coastal Bend Troop Support. "Some of them do not have family at home to send them things, and so it really means a lot to them when strangers send them something to let them know that the American public care about them."

"Both have served two times each in Iraq, and two times the oldest in Afghanistan," said Debbie Zuniga, who was speaking about her two sons. One is home, and the other is still serving in Afghanistan. He will be among the 500 military men and women receiving one of the Girl Scout cookie boxes.

Zuniga said the troops welcome other items too.

"He'll let you know, 'Mom, I need this. I want that,'" Zuniga said. "You do it. You do it because you worry, and you want to make sure they have a little bit at home, be it food, be it anything. Toiletries, you name it."

What Coastal Bend Troop Support will need now is public support. They will need to raise money to help ship these packages. Since everything they send is via mail, the cost adds up fast.

If you would like to help, you can send your contributions to the following address:

P.O. Box 742
Rockport, TX 78381

You can also send an email to carla@coastalbendtroopsupport.com, or visit their Website at www.coastalbendtroopsupport.com.