Information on Payment Arrangements for Property Taxes - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Information on Payment Arrangements for Property Taxes

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If you own property in Nueces County, the deadline for paying your property taxes without a penalty is midnight on Thursday, Jan. 31.

At the Nueces County Courthouse, many of your neighbors were waiting in line to take care of their taxes before the midnight deadline. County Tax Assessor-Collector Kevin Kieschnick helped streamline the process by answering taxpayer's questions while they waited.

One question often asked concerned making payment arrangements.

"What we're telling people is pay as much as you can, when you can," Kieschnick said. "And if they still haven't paid off their properties by the month of June, then in June we'll start making payment arrangements to prevent lawsuits from being attached to the properties."

The penalties and interest continue to accrue on a monthly basis between now and July, so the best advice is to pay those property taxes as soon as possible.