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Railroad safety on Highway 90


Jefferson County commissioners along with railroad companies are working to ensure railroad safety after recent wrecks on Highway 90.

On Tuesday, 22-year-old Joseph Grant of Kountze was killed in an accident involving a train and 18-wheeler.

In October of 2012, there was another wreck on Highway 90 and Meeker Road involving an 18-wheeler and train. There were no injuries in that wreck.

"We have put up a couple of signs on Turner Road and Meeker Road; not because it's required but to make the general public more aware of it," says Commissioner Eddie Arnold.

The signs are yellow with a picture of an 18-wheeler carrying a low trailer over an elevated train track.

"Any time there's an elevation issue with the track and road, it's three to four entities that have to coordinate together to get it correct," says Arnold.

Arnold says Highway 90 is seeing more traffic.

"Because of the pipeline and other construction going on in a couple of plants, there's a need for heavy equipment to be hauled in," says Arnold.

There is also a sign with a 1-800 number at every crossing. That number is an emergency number for people to call if they are ever stuck on the tracks. The operator will warn nearby trains that there is a problem ahead.

Beaumont resident, David Myrick, tells 12News that he's grown up along Highway 90 with railroad tracks on both sides of his neighborhood.

He says he's always alerted by oncoming trains with barricades and lights.

"You drive up to it. There's a lot of guards there. I've never seen it not work," says Myrick.

The road home for Myrick is highly traveled. But, in the case of Tuesday's fatal accident, the crossing was on a private road where there's no guards or flashing lights.