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Local Animal Lovers Foster Abandoned Puppy

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Thanks to some local animal lovers, one more unwanted puppy will be saved. It all started with a report of a litter of newborn puppies someone had dumped off in a box.

The little puppy, named Rhoda, is still alive because of Rebecca Atkinson and her husband Valentin Garcia. When they saw the 3News report about the abandoned litter last Friday, they just could not stand to see them put down.

So, they volunteered to become foster parents for the tiny black and white pup.

"We love all animals," Atkinson said. "Plus, my children are up and grown and I don't have any babies, so it's kind of like a substitute, so that's what we do."

"You know, just because it's a dog and someone says all it is is just an animal, but hey, an animal needs a chance too," Garcia said. "You know, because like anything else, it's a living being. This puppy didn't ask to be born. He was born, so let's give her a chance. She needs a loving home also."

Rhoda has taken to the couple very well, feeding time being the best time for her. Valentin and Rebecca have even set up a feeding schedule, taking turns to make sure the pup makes it, so that someday she can find a forever home.