Seven CCPD Officers Receive Promotion - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Seven CCPD Officers Receive Promotion

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Seven longtime police officers were promoted today to the rank of senior officer.

The ceremony taking place in the John Sartain Administration Building.

Jamie Pelfrey, one of the seven officers moving a step up and taking the time to take a picture with his boss, Chief Floyd Simpson.

Officer Pelfrey says not only is the pay raise nice, but it also means a lot of new opportunities for him.

"It's another step in your career. You can't go to the next step until you get past this step which is a lot of hard work," Senior Officer Jamie Pelfey said. "Which is five years of working on the street learning everything and actually showing your proficiency and earning your rank."

"Before they can become a senior officer they're not eligible to transfer to CID, Narcotics some of the other specialized divisions, so it opens up those doors for them and it's the next step in line before promotion to it," said Commander Todd Green.