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More Prescription Pills Found at Hamlin Middle School

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Just a day after officials sent seven students to the hospital after they took another student's prescription medication, more pills were found at Hamlin Middle School.

As Kiii News Reporter Michael Gibson was waiting in the school office to speak to the principal at Hamlin Middle School, a janitor walked in and said he had found more pills in the school's gym.

That is where it is believed that a seventh-grade boy handed out his pills to his friends on Wednesday.

It was late Wednesday afternoon when a teacher began to notice that the students were sleepy and having a hard time staying awake. The school nurse got involved and believed an ambulance should be called. Seven students ended up being sent to Driscoll Children's Hospital.

School officials said they took a prescription medicine called clonidine. It is used to treat high blood pressure and ADHD.

Officials began digging deeper into the pill episode, and thought that maybe up to 20 children could have ended up taking the pills. Parents were notified.

"Altogether, from an initial list of 20 students, we've identified from our sources and those taken in for medical care by parents, about 13 students who were involved," Hamlin Principal Delma Yzaguirre said. "We're going to do some educating of our students about the dangers of taking somebody else's prescription medication."

Officials said that most of the children taken to the hospital were back in school on Thursday. Some stayed at home on the advice of their doctor.

Those involved will be punished, and that could mean anything from suspension to assignment to the district's alternative school.