The Local Impact of Looming Sequestration Cuts - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

The Local Impact of Looming Sequestration Cuts

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The clock is still ticking, and at this point, it appears nothing will stop the $85 billion across the board cuts in federal spending from taking effect on Friday.

The local impact will likely include cancellation of the annual Wings Over South Texas Air Show, which features the Blue Angels.

If the sequester takes effect, the examples are far and wide. Everything from teachers and schools, law enforcement and public safety, and even public health are in the crosshairs, set to be cut.

"We're actually facing disaster," said Dr. William Burgin of the City County Health Department. "I mean, that's the only word that you could possibly state."

Burgin is not mincing words when it comes to what his already strained budget could be facing. With state cuts expected to lose close to $2.5 million to respond to public health threats, Burgin said we could be headed into a real crisis.

"We'll not be able to test for HIV, which means this deadly disease will be spread and, as you know, the consequence to that is unlimiting."

"This is devastating, and I think the people of Texas need to look at what's going on. Especially in Corpus Christi," said Ray McMurrey of the Corpus Christi American Federation of Teachers.

Education will be facing a double whammy if it is forced to do with less federal funding. McMurrey said our educational system simply can't take any more cuts.

"We lost in 2011 $5.4 billion, so we've been using over the last two years federal dollars and Title One and IDEA funding to cover what the state took away," McMurrey said. "Texas courts have already deemed our funding for public education unconstitutional."

Here are some other statistics that are sure to get you thinking:

Head Start programs will see cuts, and in some instances, will close some of its facilities. More than 80,000 fewer Texans will get assistance to help find work; and even those air shows put on by the Navy, where thousands enjoy the Blue Angels, could be canceled.

The cuts won't be felt immediately, but they will be felt by pretty much everyone.