CCPD Officers Receive DWI Training for Spring Break - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

CCPD Officers Receive DWI Training for Spring Break

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Spring Break is just weeks away, and police are preparing for the onslaught of drinking and partying.

Some were getting ready at a DWI class taking place at the Corpus Christi Police Department's administration building. The officer's are all trained to handle DWI stops, but the District Attorney's Office wanted to hone their skills by bringing in some experts.

Those experts were from Austin and with the SFST program, or the Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Organization.

"The D.A. really wanted an opportunity for these officers, about 60 over the next two days, to really be prepared and well trained for DWI offenses in this county," SFST Program Manager Ray Ditterich said.

The officers were learning the finer points of the eye test, the walk and turn and one-leg stand. All of those are methods used by officers to try and figure out if someone is drunk or impaired to drive.