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Fans Turn Out For Selena Tribute

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A chance to remember... that's how dozens of people spent this Easter Sunday by paying tribute to late tejano singer Selena.
It was back  in 1995...Selena  was killed by the president of her fan club...  Yolanda Saldivar.  
The crime  devastated many of her fans worldwide.  
Saldivar was later convicted and sentenced to life in prison.
Sunday is the 18th anniversary of the death of Selena at the hands of her fan club president. but many marked the occasion by celebrating her life and music.
Selena look-a-likes, and fans young and old turned out to honor Selena Quintanilla Perez who was crowned the queen of tejano in the 1990's.
The tribute held at Salinas Park was organized by a man who was a neighbor of the woman named "best selling Latin artist of the decade" shortly before her death.
Mario gomez, tribute organizer says, "I consider myself a really big fan. I consider they're my neighbors. I've always respected their privacy. I just wanted to do something for the fans."
Selena look-a-likes both young and old were on hand to perform including a 13 year old from San Antonio who says Selena was her inspiration.
Singer Marisa Cortez says; "I've actually seen her videos. I started singing around the house when I was about eight years old. and I seen her videos and I started dancing like her, singing her music and I just fell in love with her music and her performances."
Selena released her first album at the age of 12 and it looks like Marisa Cortez is following in her footsteps.
One thing commonly agreed to is that Selena was not only a talented singer but a good person.
Selena fan Ricky Uranga says; "I'm a retired disc jockey and I met her in a club in San Antonio. And ever since I met her I could see a friendship. She's a very nice respectable woman that I met."
There were other remembrances like at Selena's Seaside memorial where we were told there were many who stopped by to pay their respects to the woman no one wanted to say goodbye to.
One young fan, Crysta Ysassi,  summed it up for everyone.
"I was a big fan of Selena. and I wish she was alive right now."
One thing that no one will forget is a sparkling voice that ended too soon at the age of 23... 18 years ago.