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Community Works to Repair Vandalized Graves in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO (Kiii News) -

Folks in Duval County continue to pick up the pieces after the vandalism that was done to some 200 gravestones at the San Diego Cemetery over the weekend.

Residents there said it is unbelievable that people would destroy gravestones, and that the people responsible must not have any love in their hearts.

On Wednesday, folks from local funeral homes and a prison unit all worked together to clean up and repair the gravestones. Some have been repaired, and others have not.

Linda Linton and Linda Gonzalez were at the cemetery, and are absolutely devastated. They showed the damage that was done to the gravestones of their loved ones. One was on her way to the cemetery to visit her husband's grave site when she found out what had happened. The other was in church when she heard the news. Both are calling the vandalism a disgrace.

"I don't think it's fair to us that have our family members here, for somebody to come and destroy a sacred site, and cost us money," said Linton, a San Diego resident. "No, that's not right."

"This is horrible. This is just horrible," said Linda Gonzalez, also from San Diego. "I really feel very bad about everything that's happened, and I grieve with everybody else that has, that can not be replaced. Some things cannot be replaced. That's what's so sad."

Authorities have arrested and charged three suspects for committing the vandalism, but the ladies said they believe there is no way only three people could have damaged 200 tombstones, and that there must have been others involved.

They also said they hope the people responsible end up paying some kind of restitution for all of the damage that was caused.