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Water Restriction Violation Penalties Could End Up on Criminal Record

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In response to our continuing drought, the City of Corpus Christi has plans to toughen water restrictions -- specifically the penalties for violating the rules.

According to City Water Director Gus Gonzalez, you could end up with a criminal record for watering your yard at the wrong time.

Kiii News Reporter Michael Gibson went Live with the details.

It is hard to believe that when our Level 3 drought restrictions begin in June, a resident could end up with a criminal record for not following the new set of watering rules.

The new rules will be announced May 16, but not enforced until June.

"You'll present your case in front of the environmental court judge, and it could be up to $500 for the first violation," Gonzalez said. "But if you are convicted, it will be documented as a criminal infraction on your record, so I think that's important for customers to know that."

Gonzalez said that the City has tried to change people's behavior when it comes to watering, but there are still too many people letting their water run off into the street, or watering at the wrong time of day.

So consider yourself warned. You can water your yard and flowers, but you had better follow the rules.

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