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Wife Runs Over Husband

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On Padre Island, one man is in critical condition after a family gathering turns tragic.

Corpus Christi Police were responding to a call involving a pedestrian at the Breeze Ways Condominiums just before 11:30 Thursday night. Officers say three family members were in the driveway loading a van. A 52-year-old female, was attempting to pull the vehicle closer to the residence when she says it accelerated suddenly, striking her husband.

"We are investigating it as a vehicle malfunction," said Lieutenant James Lerma. "She struck the victim, victim got on hood of car, and was drug a couple of yards and fell off the car."

Lieutenant Lerma says there is no reason to believe anything other than a vehicle malfunction occurred. The victim, a 54-year-old male, was transported to Spohn Memorial in critical condition. The other two family members were able to dodge the vehicle. An investigation is underway.