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Ohio sinkhole swallows car, driver


Courtesy 13abc.com

A woman was rescued after her car was swallowed by a 20-foot deep sinkhole on a busy Toledo street Wednesday afternoon.

Pamela Knox, 60, was on Detroit avenue and told fire fighters that she saw the car in front of her wobble, but it was too late for her.  She and her car fell 20 feet down at Bancroft and Detroit around 12:15pm Wednesday.  

She was pulled out of the hole by Toledo fire fighters.  

Knox was taken to a hospital.  She was later released.  Her husband tells 13abc that she has a headache and is resting and is very lucky.  

Toledo Fire officials say the hole is at least 20 feet deep and 10 to 15 feet across.  

A city spokesperson says a 30 and 36-inch combined sewer line collapsed, causing washout of the ground under the road. The road gave way and the car fell in, striking a 6-inch water main on the way down.  The sewer lines and the water main were also from the 1800s.  

Authorities have barricaded the area to keep people away as they continue to repair the road.