Council Approves $200,000 to Fund Mary Rhodes Pipeline Project - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Council Approves $200,000 to Fund Mary Rhodes Pipeline Project

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At their Tuesday meeting, City Council approved almost $200,000 to keep the Mary Rhodes Pipeline project on track.

The money will pay the Pipeline architects to finish design work on an up-to-date monitoring and pumping control system for the project, which will bring water from the Colorado River to Lake Texana. City Engineer Dan Biles said the original design left out the control system because of ever changing technology.

"Originally, we were thinking we were going to design it to the 90-percent stage, and  then just put it on hold for 10 years until we needed to do it," Biles said. "Well, due to the drought and everything else, that time frame has been accelerated from 10 years from now to start construction next year."

The bidding process for work on the Pipeline is expected to begin this fall so that  construction can begin next year.