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Hasan Sentencing Day 1

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Sentencing begins today for convicted Ft Hood shooter Nidal Hasan in his death penalty case. The prosecution will begin today with testimony from families who lost a loved one that tragic November 5, 2009 day.

The prosecution said Friday they will likely finish their side by the end of the day. Hasan said he needs until the following day to prepare his side, indicating he might actually speak up essentially for the first time since opening statements when he claimed responsibility for the attack.

Representing himself, Hasan only asked 2 of 89 witnesses questions, he opted not to raise a defense, and he made no closing arguments. On Friday, the military jury found him unanimously guilty on 13 counts of premeditated murder and guilty on 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. We'll soon find out if his actions will cost him his life.

Before the Jury came in the Judge wanted to continue discussion about Hasan's election to procede pro se (rep self). She asked Hasan if he understands the services offered by standby counsel and that they can become his lawyers at any time if he so chooses. She asked are you taking any medications between Tylenol and ibuprofen? No. Has anything happened that would affect your physical or mental ability to rep yourself? No. understand that we are moving to the sentencing phase? Yes. understand your rights and that you have to abide by the same standards. Do you still wish to procede pro se? This is the stage of the trial where the panel will decide if you live or you die. "Do you understand that you are staking your life on the decisions you make? Hasan tells her he still wants to rep self, asks for 15 min recess.