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Man Loses Control of Car, Drives through Several Yards in Annaville

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Frightening moments for residents Saturday morning in one Annaville neighborhood when a man loses control of his vehicle and drives through several yards. All of this happening just after nine Saturday morning near the intersection of Starlite and Rockwood.

Police say the driver who has a medical condition and a history of seizures and lost control of the vehicle.

He drove through several yards, ran over a speed limit sign, and three mailboxes then drove through a chain link fence.

Witnesses say the car was speeding as he was driving down Rockwood. Robert Hethcoat said, "I was taking out the garbage and I was smoking a cigarette and I saw this black BMW coming down the road he must be speeding. He was really going fast. He was carrying the mail and he hit that dip down in the road and must have lost control of his car. He ended up going up in these four yards here and took out the mailboxes and fences and stuff."

Fortunately, the driver and passenger were not hurt in the crash.