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Jayln's Wishes Coming True

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(KCEN) – She might be the shyest seven-year-old girl you will ever meet… but she's also the bravest.

 The only way you could ever know Jayln Martin is dying from stage four brain cancer is the sight of her bald head. No complaints, no crying, and no feeling sorry for herself.  Instead this little girl is trying to live her life to the fullest as much as she can before the end.

On Sunday the community rallied together to help Jayln fulfill her wish list by raising money.

Posted at the Garyln Shelton Volkswagon dealership, the pit was smoking while the lines of hungry people kept coming; eager to give their money for Jayln's BBQ benefit.

By the end of the day William Armold, a Martin family friend who organized the event, is hoping to get more than $1,000 to help fund her wishes. And that hasn't been the only benefit.

Jayln's mother Kristi says there is at least one a week put together by people in the community. "It's been pretty crazy, and busy. Everybody's been trying to come together to get wishes done for Jayln," Kristi said.

And it's workings. The family has already marked off almost half of the list. Just weeks ago the Jayln was able to go to Corpus Christi to hunt hermit crabs and sand dollars. While there she also marked off going to a large aquarium.

Puppy poodle has been checked off. "She is a handful and just as sassy as Jayln," Kristi laughed. And mark off meeting the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. "It was amazing. I think my son liked it just as much as she did," she said.

The trip to Jellystone Park to meet Yogi Bear is also in the works as well as a trip to Nebraska to visit the largest indoor zoo in the world.

"As far as meeting Duck Dynasty she still hasn't done that. She talks about it all the time," Kristi said.

While Jayln might be too shy to tell the whole community thank you for the support, her mother says she is grateful for all the donations that are helping her dreams come true.


Meet Duck Dynasty

Turn bathroom into Duck Dynasty theme

Get new bedroom set - DONE

Get bearded dragon – DONE (named Uncle Si)

Trip to Corpus Christi – DONE

Find sand dollars and hermit crabs – DONE

Go to a huge fish aquarium – DONE

Meet Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders – DONE

Go to the biggest zoo ever – SCHEDULED  

Swim with dolphins

Go to Jellystone Park to meet Yogi Bear – SCHEDULED          

Go camping for the first time

Go to Hawaii

Go to Dubai where family members live

Meet Justin Beiber and go to a concert

Meet One Direction and go to a concert

Go to a Five Finger Death Punch Concert -- SCHEDULED

Own every pair of Bobs – RECEIVED SEVERAL PAIRS

Own all the Lalaoopsy dolls – RECEIVED MORE THAN A DOZEN DOLLS