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Barbecue Pit Recovered Mostly Intact

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(KCEN) - A $7,500 barbecue pit was stolen last week, but has been found Sunday.

The pit was discovered missing from the Brazos Education Foundation parking lot last Thursday. The pit is being raffled off to raise scholarship money.

Early Sunday morning, a Waco police officer found it in an alley. Members of the foundation went to pick up the pit at 2 AM this morning and noticed that the racks were taken out along with a long cutting board that was mounted on the front and the back of the pit was bent. The most noticeable difference were the nice wheels and rims on the 16 ft. trailer were gone and replaced with worse ones. 

In all, it could cost upwards of a thousand dollars to get everything repaired, but they are glad to have it back.

Andy Ellis, from the Brazos Higher Education Service Corp., says, "This is a significant component of the funds that we need to raise for scholarships for our kids, so trying to figure out what we were going to do, how we were going to fulfill our obligations."

"Fortunately, now the winner will not have to wait, because we were looking at probably a month or two before we'd have a replacement if we had to buy it completely," says Tom Pardaen.

The police and the Brazos Education Foundation are crediting, at least in part, the huge media response when it was stolen last Thursday. Making the pit too hot to hold onto for the crooks.

They haven't caught up with whoever stole it, though. Anyone with information is asked to call the Waco Police Department at 750-7500.

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