Global Uranium Symposium Kicks Off in Corpus Christi - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Global Uranium Symposium Kicks Off in Corpus Christi

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Hundreds of people will be visiting the Omni Hotel Monday and Tuesday for the Global Uranium Symposium.
Representatives from the industry are gathering to share information and get an update on the industry. Corpus Christi was picked for the site of the convention because of the area's prominence in the uranium mining industry.

"It's about the third largest uranium production region in the country, and we think in the future, as nuclear power expands across the globe, the opportunities for providing fuel for those power plants will grow, and we think that South Texas will be part of that picture," said Mark Pelizza of Uranium Resources, Inc.

According to industry leaders, nuclear energy accounts for 20-percent of all the electricity generated in this country, and is the only source of non carbon-based energy in the world today.