School comes down hard on teen for giving drunk friend a ride - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

School comes down hard on teen for giving drunk friend a ride


Courtesy NBC News

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. (WHDH) -- A 17-year-old North Andover High School student is being punished by her school after picking friends up from a drinking party.

According to police Erin Cox received a call from a friend who had been drinking and needed a ride home.

But when Cox showed up, police busted the party and issued her a summons for the underage drinking even though her attorney says she didn't have a sip of alcohol.

Cox was removed from being a captain of the volleyball team by school officials and suspended for five games.

"If she wasn't drinking, and she wasn't at that party, and she was picking up her friend to be safe, that's what other parents would want, is for other kids to be looking out for their children," Kelly Herbert, a North Andover Parent, said.

Cox's attorney said that punishing her client sends a bad message to other teams.

"We should be glad that young people like Erin Cox are willing to help friends who might not otherwise get home safely. By punishing Erin Cox, the North Andover School District sends a contrary and very dangerous message."

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