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Early Holiday Shopping

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(KCEN) --- It's that time of year again, when you'll find kids rattling off wish lists.

For dads like Jason Kacmaryanski, it's time to narrow down the list and start buying.

"We like to come here on Sundays and check out the new toys, see what's on clearance," Kacmaryanski said.

Mandy Cooper is the Logistics Executive for Target on Bosque Boulevard in Waco. She says the early shopping rush is well underway.

"We've had a lot of guests already here looking for hot toys because the Hot Toy Catalog did come out in the Sunday paper," Cooper said.

The hunt for hot toys is also a hunt for the best deals.

Many stores like Target are waiting to release Black Friday hours and prices, but there's a way customers can get a sneak peek.

"If they go to the Target Black Friday Facebook page, they can play a matching game," Cooper said. "As they match those items and play the old school game, it will...reveal to them some of the hot deals we have for Black Friday."

Shelves are stocked with the hottest toys of the season and Black Friday prices are right around the corner, but many people say they're going online to find the best deals.

"We do a lot of shopping online," Kacmaryanski said. "It seems like there's a lot of deals out there online...versus in the store."

No matter how you choose to shop, now is the time to start...so you can save money and still give your little ones a great Christmas.

The National Retail Federation says the average holiday shopper will spend close to $740 this year on gifts, decorations and cards...which is down two percent from last year.