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Diabetic service dog helps 5th grader in Refugio alert her sugar highs and lows

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Refugio elementary 5th grader Heather Solansky has battled Type 1 Diabetes since the second grade. Heather's mom, Amber Solansky, says it was a life change for the family, especially when experiencing heathers first dramatic sugar low.

"I was upset and nervous and my husband was trying to calm me down," Amber Solansky said. "When you have a child that's eyes are rolling in the back of their head from sugar being 19, it's extremely scary and you would do whatever you have to do for your children."

The family finally got a piece of mind, when they discovered Warren Retrievers, a non-profit that finds service dogs for diabetics patients. The dogs are trained to alert the owner when they sense that their blood sugar is too high or too low. For the last two years, that is exactly what Max has been doing for Heather.

Max gives a paw to show Heather her sugar is high, and he spins to let her know her sugar is low.

"He's taught me responsibilities, Heather said.  "Lots and lots of responsibilities."

For two years Max has been going through special training with the non-profit program. In January he will officially be able to start going to school with Heather. However, in order for Max to continue training, the family still owes forty two hundred dollars toward the training fees. Heather's mom says even after several fundraiser's, its still a struggle to find the money.

"Forty two hundred dollars is a lot of money for us, and if we can get people to help us and share our story about type one diabetes and let others know that it is a very scary dangerous situation," Amber Solansky said.

Heather's parents believe having Max keep them alert on her sugar levels has made a huge improvement on their lives.

"He is a true blessing," Amber Solansky. "Me and my husband couldn't be any happier with the decision we made with Warren Retrievers."

If you would like to donate to help the Solansky family you can click the following link http://www.sdwr.org/.