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Someone to Know: Animal Rescuer Liza Hitt

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The stray and unwanted pet population is a big issue in Corpus Christi, and it is safe to say that Animal Control has its hands full.

However, there is one person in town who has made it her mission in life to help out those animals who have been forgotten, unwanted, injured or abused. Her name is Liza Hitt.

"I'm the voice for those who can't speak," Hitt said.

Hitt has taken it upon herself to do as much as she can for those who can't do for themselves.

"They need humans in a way that is unexplainable, and too many times, we let them down," Hitt said. "And so when I can, I try to be there for the ones that I can help."

Her most recent charge was Candy, a pup that was shot and left for dead; but she's helped many injured animals in the past, nursing them back to health and then finding them good homes.

"You know, I don't know if I ever knew it was my mission," Hitt said. "I just slowly as I, my whole life, as I saw an animal in need I just did it. I think over time, about four years ago, I met Angela Powell with For the Love of Strays, and she showed me that there's something bigger than doing it by yourself all the time. That it's a community problem, and the community can work together; and I just built an amazing bond with Angela and For the Love of Strays, and try to help out with them as much as possible."

Hitt said caring for unwanted, abandoned animals is the right thing to do, adding that she has helped at least 200 of them and fallen in love with each one.

"My personal pets are all special needs. I have a dog that has three legs. I have another dog that has chronic seizures," Hitt said. "I have a dog that has hip dysplasia. Her hip pops out socket."

Special needs animals, it seems, are Hitt's specialty.

"I have one that is very fearful of humans, but she loves other dogs," Hitt said. "she just, I've had her three years, but she's just scared, so I never could let her go out of my own fear that no one would love her as much as me."

Hitt, an animal rescuer and lover, is Someone to Know.

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