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Next Bout of Cold Weather Could Cause Problems for Sea Turtles

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PORT ARANSAS (Kiii News) -

It may be warm now, but as Kiii Chief Meteorologist Bill Vessey will say, another cold snap is about to hit the Coastal Bend, and may be bad news for the sea turtles.

During the last bout of cold weather, water temperatures dropped quickly, causing green sea turtles to become cold stunned and lose mobility. It's a problem that could prove fatal.

Tony Amos with the Animal Rehabilitation Keep in Port Aransas saw its effects firsthand.

"I found it upside down in the ship channel," Amos said. "Upside down, and I thought it was dead."

Amos thought the green turtle was dead because, as he said, he found it upside down with a huge gash on its underbelly. He thinks the gash was from a boat propeller, but the turtle was also a victim of our recent cold snap.

Luckily for the turtle, it was still alive, but was cold stunned, which is causing distress to the animals.

"It's like someone hit them on the head, lying there," Amos said. "They'll float and get on shore. Unless we can find them, they can die from the cold."

We are expecting another cold snap this weekend, so Amos is urging people who see a cold stunned turtle to tell an authority figure, or contact the Padre Island National Seashore at 361-949-8173 ex. 226. Amos said you can also reach him at his cell phone at 361-442-7638.

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