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CCFD Demonstrates How Quickly a Christmas Tree Can Catch Fire

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Christmas trees are a wonderful sight to see, however, one engulfed in flames may not be. During the holiday season, Christmas trees can be a fire igniting source.

That's why the Corpus Christi Fire Department provided some safety tips for the holiday season.

According to the CCFD, it is important to follow certain safety guidelines with Christmas trees and holiday decorations to make sure they do not catch fire.

"First of all, Christmas trees, they can be safe, but it's that human element that makes them unsafe," CCFD Captain James Brown said. "Such as not putting water in it, putting lights on it that are worn or frayed, decorating it with the wrong thing -- using candles, going back to old school."

Captain Brown said that most importantly, the Christmas tree should be hydrated. A hydrated tree has a much more difficult time catching fire than a dried out tree, which was the case when he the CCFD lit one on fire to demonstrate.

"So when you pick out your tree and you are shaking it, and all the needles are falling off, that means its dry," Brown said. "If you have a dried off tree, the needles will fall off. Grab one of the branches, pull it, and if all the needles come off in your hand, that's an indication that the tree is dry. We tried that with this one earlier and we saw that most of the needles stayed on the tree."

However, it was a different situation when the fire department demonstrated what can happen when a dry tree catches fire. The dry tree caught fire in a matter of minutes.

Other ways you can stay fire safe is using LED lights instead of regular lights, and also by not overloading extension chords.

"Don't put an adapter, onto an adapter, onto an adapter, the extension cord, trying to multiply the amount of outlets you have," Brown said. "Use them in a safe manner. When you are away from home, unplug them."

Luckily, the fire department said the city has seemed to have less holiday fires this year so far, and they hope people continue to practice fire safety.

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