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Residents Fed Up with Illegal Dumping at Port and Morgan Lot

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It has being called an eyesore and a health hazard -- piles of trash that have been dumped in an empty field near Port and Morgan on the city's westside.

People have been illegally dumping trash there for weeks now, and residents are fed up.

Alfonso Alvarez lives next to the field on Morgan Avenue near the intersection of Port. He said the trash problem there has been getting worse.

"I've been complaining for the past three months since they cut this down, and now it looks worse," Alvarez said. "They got people going through the bags, getting out cans and junk."

Alvarez complained to the City about the lot being overgrown with weeds and the garbage drawing unwanted pests earlier in the summer.

"This is ridiculous," Alvarez said. "It's not my land, but I got rats. I got cockroaches coming out of this thing, going to my truck. My house."

Other people from the neighborhood who walk past the lot each day cannot believe how bad it is.

"I just don't understand how people can live like this," neighbor Ramon Vasquez said. "It makes the city look terrible. This is disgusting. They don't have no kind of respect."

"I feel that people don't care about how they live in their house, and in their neighborhood," neighbor Virginia Gaytan said.

The lot is in City Councilman Chad Magill's district. 3News invited him to take a look at the video to see the lot's condition.

"I did speak with our director of neighborhood services, and he and his staff are on the ball," Magill said. "They are working on this specific instance."

While digging through some of the mess, 3News crews found the body of a dead dog -- a small, brown Dachshund. Animal Control promised to take the animal away, but for those who live nearby, they say it has to be taken care of.

"I feel like I need to clean it up, but it's a waste of time," Alvarez said. "I've done that. It goes over here. I clean all this up here. I had my dog killed over here because of all this damn trash."

Neighborhood Services said that the landowners have been put on notice, and inspectors will be out next week to make sure the lot is cleaned.

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