SUV Crashes into Home - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

SUV Crashes into Home

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A Corpus Christi resident woke up to quite a surprise this morning after finding an SUV that hit their home.

No one inside the house was injured. Investigators say a 28 year old female lost control of her SUV on Flynn Parkway and Haverhill Lane, near Holly around 2:15AM Wednesday morning.

The driver crashed into that home, backed up and hit a fire hydrant, a stop sign and struck a tree twice before winding up in the yard after striking the owners parked car in front of the house. Lieutenant Kevin Bolles says the house suffered pretty significant damage.

"I went in an looked at the damage and I talked with him and I understand that can be quite a nerve-rattling experience having someone strike your house while your asleep in the middle of the night," says Lt. Bolles.

Bolles say the family plans to stay in the house. The woman driving suffered minor injuries. She was taken to the hospital and could be facing DWI charges.

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