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Pet Cat Recovering After Being Sprayed with Hot Asphalt

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A local pet owner said a paving crew contracted by his neighbor intentionally sprayed his cat with hot asphalt on Wednesday, and now he is looking for those responsible.

The cat, named Ricky, is now being treated by a local veterinarian.

"I didn't even recognize him," cat owner Pat Jock said. "I was just lost for words, which isn't normal for me, because I usually speak."

It happened on the 4700 block of Jarvis. You can still see where the spraying occurred, along with the cat's footprints going down the sidewalk, up a driveway and onto a covered chair. By the time Jock found him, the cat was in distress.

"He couldn't move. He was stuck together, actually, from this stuff, he got saturated so bad," Jock said. "And he just curled up in a fetal position and I finally got him to the vet."

At the Doddridge Animal Clinic, Ricky had to be shaved, revealing burns caused by the boiling hot asphalt.

"It's hard to tell because it doesn't want to eat," veterinary technician Santos Rodriguez said. "It doesn't want to eat and doesn't want to drink any water, so we just have to wait and see what he does. I'm sure he feels bad."

The neighbor, Linda Emmord, is trying to track down the people responsible for the cruelty. She said she had hired two men who said they worked for Blacktop Paving out of Mesquite, Texas.

"Every number I've tried to get ahold of them with is to no avail, because I guess they don't want to be found," Emmord said.

Police were called to the scene, but told the residents that it is a civil matter. In the meantime, while Ricky the cat recovers, the homeowners warn to watch out for pavers offering a good deal.

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