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Police Looking for Contractors Who Sprayed Cat with Hot Asphalt

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Corpus Christi police are said to be on the trail of a makeshift paving company that may be responsible for badly injuring a pet cat this week.

3News reported Thursday that a pet owner believes his cat, Ricky, was intentionally sprayed with hot asphalt, resulting in severe burns. A company that was doing work on Jarvis Street, near Seaside Cemetery, was allegedly responsible.

Ricky was taken to a vet after the owner found him covered with in the hot asphalt. The neighbor, who was having the paving work done at her home, called the police to report that the company "didn't do a good job," but police told her it was a civil matter.

However, on Friday, police said the officer did not ask enough questions about the cat.

"There was confusion about the officer saying it was a civil matter. Certainly, abusing an animal, none of our police officers would ever tell somebody, 'hey, that's a civil matter,'" said Cmdr. Todd Green of the Corpus Christi Police Department. "What he was referring to was the poor work that was done on the driveway."

Green said they are searching for the Blacktop Paving Company based in Mesquite, Texas, to further investigate the animal cruelty charge.

"Based on what they saw out there, nobody that we know of -- and we actually had our officers go out there this afternoon and go door to door and see if anybody actually saw this happen -- but based on the physical evidence, it looks like yes, this cat was intentionally sprayed with asphalt," Green said.

At last check, Ricky the cat is still alive, but there is no word as to whether or not he will survive. Green said that if police can prove a case, the company can be charged with a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty.

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