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D.A. Files Motion to Recuse Against Judge Angelica Hernandez

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Kleberg-Kenedy County District Attorney John Hubert filed a Dec. 19 motion requesting that 105th District Court Judge Angelica Hernandez recuse herself from all criminal cases in her court.

For legal reasons, Hubert could not say anything about the motion on Monday, but in the motion he filed in court, Hubert says the judge has demonstrated a constant pattern of prejudice against his office, and that in his view, he and his prosecutors simply could not get a fair trial in her court.

Hubert's  motion, filed on Thursday, cites two main reasons that Judge Hernandez should recuse herself. First, that her impartiality is in question, and second, that she has a personal bias or prejudice against Hubert himself.

He goes on to say that the judge has made comments in the past that demonstrate extreme and personal animosity, a political agenda and prejudice against the DA's office.

In one example, Hubert said Hernandez made a sexual harassing comment about him, trying to put him in a demeaning and embarrassing situation simply to humiliate him.

3News reached out to both Hubert and Hernandez for comment Monday, but they declined.

Hernandez has refused to recuse herself from all but one of the cases that Hubert specifies in the motion. The next step is for an administrative judge to weigh in on the matter.

See below to view the document in its entirety, or click here.

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