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New Tax on Mixed Drinks in 2014

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There are only a couple of new laws on the books in Texas after the clock strikes midnight and the calendar turns to 2014. One of those laws may affect the next mixed drink you order with a meal at a restaurant.

This is a law that restaurant operators statewide were hoping would be passed, because it means they'll be paying a lot less alcohol taxes themselves but local club owners say it's a mixed blessing.

Beginning January 1, 2014, anyone who orders a drink at a restaurant will now be seeing a tax of 8.25% added to their receipt. The change means restaurant operators will no longer have to pay 14% in sales taxes to the state.

For restaurant operators like Brad Lomax who runs several downtown eateries, now is not the best time after months of torn up streets disrupting business.

"On a million dollars in alcohol sales, this saves the operator about $82,000. And so it's tempting, but in looking at the business as a whole, and our environment as a whole, this is not a good time to be passing anything on to the guest," says Lomax.

Other restaurant operators say they're customers will feel the pinch but they're hoping for the best.

Among just a couple of more new laws is a disconnect notice for tenants. If your electricity is included in your rent, your landlord must notify you if the power is about to be cut for non payment.

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