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Man Leads DPS Troopers in High Speed Chase

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A wild Department of Public Safety chase that began on I-37 came to an end on North Padre Island Drive Wednesday.

The car being chased was going so fast that the original DPS trooper lost the guy, but then another trooper spotted the black two seater Mercedes and continued the pursuit.

To hear it from the troopers, it was an incredibly dangerous pursuit. The person behind the wheel of the $60,000 luxury sports car was a 20-year old man.

"He has no warrants, but has a long history of traffic violations and other violations involving public safety," troopers said.

The pursuit started near Navigation on I-37 when a DPS trooper spotted the black two-seater speeding. With siren and lights going, the chase reached dangerous speeds. The trooper lost the car and radioed to other troopers to be on the lookout. Moments later, another trooper took up the chase.
"I saw a vehicle fitting the description travel by me, fitting the description, at a high rate of speed," DPS Trooper Marco Everett said. "Caught up to the vehicle, activated my lights and siren. The vehicle took an evasive turn and exited off the highway. Continued to travel on the access road, almost rear ended four vehicles at a red light. Went through the red light, lost control of the vehicle and struck a pillar, as you can see behind me."

After that, the 20-year old driver took off running down the frontage road. Troopers caught up with him and ended up having to taze the man to get him into custody.

"He wanted to get away, and it would have been a speeding ticket," Everett said.

The unidentified 20-year old driver will be facing some serious felony charges, including evading by vehicle and by foot, and all the traffic violations he committed during the chase.